Severed World is a 2D Action-MMORPG currently in development with an HTML5 frontend, allowing compatibility with any browser-equipped machine including Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.
Hundreds of fun quests in an expansive, open world that features areas influenced by Medieval Europe, Feudal Japan, and the Viking era.
Intelligent, engaging and varied AI, with each monster offering a unique, arcade-like experience.
Scores of loot to find along your journey and the ability to scavenge materials to use in crafting hundreds of unique items.
Many challenging dungeons to explore and conquer with your friends. Take on a dungeon's 'extreme' mode in a second run for better rewards.
Go face to face with other players in a MOBA-like death match. Two teams of five going at it, destroying towers and minions in a race towards the enemy core.
Contestable terrority that guilds can wage war for. Fight in epic castle sieges to conquer land and increase your guild's power.